Alumni Reunion and Boat Christening Great Success

Brock Rowing celebrated its fiftieth rowing season with the christening of 6 shells.

An eight was christened the Steffan Wagner in honour of Brock’s former men’s coach that was instrumental in our success over the last 7 years. A cox four was christened the Ron”Swede” Burak in honour of Brock’s former lightweight women’s coach, former Brock rower and former Olympian.

A second cox four was christened to recognize the contribution of Dr. David Howes for his support of Brock Rowing, Athletics in general, the St. Catharines rowing facilities and the community as a whole.

Two singles were christened to recognize Brock rowers Tim Schrijver and Sylas Coletto that have gone on to represent Canada at a world championships.

A double was christened to recognize 50 years of support to rowing by the Henley Island Helpers a group of volunteers that sell refreshments to athletes and spectators at every regatta with all proceeds going back to rowing.

More will be posted on the Alumni page including pictures soon.


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