Badger’s claim 14 medals at OUA’s

A last minute decision to condense the regatta into one day did not shake the Badger’s as they claimed 14 medals at the Ontario University Athletics Championships held at Henley Island, St. Catharines on October 26th.

The Women’s team made a big move on Western’s team this year, finishing third overall with 320 points, just behind Queens (2) with 332 points and Western (1) who finished with 458 points. Starting off the day, Isabella Mazzarolo and Brianna Spanics finished third in the Women’s pair. Sydney Wilkins also finished sixth in the Women’s 1X. The Women’s 4+ finished fourth overall with Sophia Buzzell (c), Anna Maloney (s), Amanda Martin, Alyssa Toffolo and Kayla Krasnor. The Women’s 8+ with Buzzell (c), Maloney (s), Mazzarolo, Toffolo, Martin, Spanics, Sabrina Tigwell, Jenna Osbourne and Krasnor had a fantastic race, finishing second to Western by just a few strokes.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 12.44.47 PM.png

Court, Corkery, Jose, Reynolds, Hingston, Bagshaw, Weaver, Sclater, and Jansen earn a silver medal in the Lightweight Women’s 8+

The Lightweight Women also made a big push this season, taking home 5 medals beginning with Jen Beaudette taking home a bronze medal in the Lightweight Women’s 1X, finishing behind Guelph (1) and Queen’s (2). The Lightweight 2X with first- year athletes Bonnie Reynolds and Jordan Isnor, finished fourth in a very competitive race. Isnor and Wilkins also finished second overall in the Open Women’s 2X, ahead of Guelph, McGill and Western. The Lightweight 4+ with Laura Court (c), Beaudette (s), Erin Corkery, Olivia Jose, and Alicia Piazza brought home a silver medal for the Badger’s. The Lightweight Women’s 8+ had a fantastic race with Court (c), Corkery (s), Jose, Reynolds, Olivia Bagshaw, Madeline Hingston, Serena Weaver, Muskoka Sclater, and Andrea Jansen, finishing second, ahead of Guelph. Finishing off the day, Piazza and Jansen brought home a bronze medal in the Lightweight 2-.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 12.53.49 PM.png

Gavin Stone (Queen’s) and Laura Court win Male and Female OUA Athlete of the Year


A huge congratulations to Brock’s Lightweight Women’s coxie, Laura Court, who was awarded the OUA Athlete of the Year award after racing at both the U23 World Championships and Senior World Championships this summer. A well-deserved award for such a dedicated team leader.

The Men’s team finished second overall this year with 339 points, beating Queen’s (299) but finishing behind Western who finished with 462 points. Starting off the day, the Men’s 2- brought home a bronze medal with Sam Stewart and Erik Hohnstein. The Men’s 2X with Oskars Rugelis and Benjamin Friesen finished fourth, ahead of Western and Trent. Rugelis also finished seventh in the Men’s 1X. The Men’s 4+ with Tyler Vanderloos (c), Brandan Andrews (s), Alex Roger, Zachary Koroll and Brenden Long brought home a bronze medal. The Men’s 8+ had an exciting race, taking home a silver medal with Vanderloos (c), Andrews (s)  Roger, Hohnstein, Koroll, Stewart, David Campbell, Noah McDonald, Long.

The Lightweight Men’s team brought home 4 medals this weekend, beginning with a silver medal in the 2X by Kevin Keith. The Lightweight 8+ with Raymond Wong (c), Jacob Giesbrecht (s), Jacob Martens, Owen Voelkner, Thomas Markewich, Cameron Walsh, Zachary Whiteley, Noah Van Helvert, and Dylan Vanderloos brought home gold, finishing ahead of Western, Carleton and McMaster. The Lightweight 2X finished second with Markewich and Olen Noel, ahead of McGill, Western and Ottawa. Lastly, the Lightweight Men’s 2- finished third overall with Walsh and Keith.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 12.22.54 PM.png

Wong, Giesbrecht, Martens, Voelkner, Markewich, Walsh, Whiteley, Van Helvert, Vanderloos win Gold in the Lightweight Men’s 8+

The JV Programs had a very successful regatta with Hannah Wade and Abbigail Verge finishing sixth in the 2X. The Women’s 4+ with Madison Grano (c), Isabell Matwijow, Melanie Lachnit, Juliana Goodfellow, and Olivia Reynolds finished second. In addition, a second 4+ with Charlotte Reschke (c), Hannah Anderson, Olivia Lammers, Kailin Rourke, and Casey Botbyl finished third. Adalton Stephenson-Delaney and Cameron Hickman placed first in the JV Men’s 2X. The Men’s 4+ with Luc Arbour (c), Ivan Cunko, Lukas Stys, Josh Lenson, Ken Nguyen finished second followed by a third place finished by Hana Parkin (c), James Kwinecki, Justin Aubin, Tony DiDomenico, and Payton Beyea.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 12.28.31 PM.png

Arbour, Cunko, Stys, Lenson, Nguyen, Parkin, Kwinecki, Aubin, DiDomenico and Beyea celebrate their medals in the JV 4+.

Brock’s novice teams competed in the development races, with the Novice 8+ finishing third overall. The Men’s Novice 8+ placed third overall and the 4+ finished fourth.

Fantastic racing for all crews. Up next, the team will be racing in the Canadian University Rowing Championships held this year at Henley Island in St. Catharines, Ontario.


Badger’s Lead the way at Head of the Trent

Another chilly Head of the Trent has come and gone again, with the Badger’s securing several top finishes.

The Women’s team made their mark this regatta, coming in second in the Women’s 8+ with Anna Maloney (s), Isabella Mazzarolo, Alyssa Toffolo, Amanda Martin, Brianna Spanics, Kayla Krasnor, Sabrina Tigwell, Jenna Osborne and Sophia Buzzell (c) beating 5 other boats. Melanie Iachnit and Julianna Goodfellow came fifth in the Women’s 2X also beating 5 boats. The Women’s 4+ of Maloney (s), Mazzarolo, Spanics, Osborne and Buzzell (c) had a very successful race, successfully beating 6 other boats.

The Lightweight Women’s team had a very exciting weekend of racing, with the Lightweight Women’s 8+ of Jen Beaudette (s), Andrea Jansen, Alicia Piazza, Madeline Hingston, Erin Corkery, Jordon Isnor, Bonnie Reynolds, Olivia Jose and Laura Court (c) placing second, behind Western. The Lightweight Women’s 4+ of Beaudette (s), Jose, Piazza, Isnor and Court (c) placed third, just a few seconds behind Guelph. A second 4+ of Corkery, Hingston, Reynolds, Jansen and Hana Parkin (c) came in fourth, beating 5 additional boats. Lastly, Serena Weaver (s) and Olivia Bagshaw placed seventh in the Lightweight 2X.


Lightweight Women in the 8+

On the Men’s side, the Men’s 8+ with Alex Roger (s), Brendan Long, Noah McDonald, Sam Stewart, Zach Koroll, Brandan Andrews, David Campbell, Erik Hohnstein and Tyler Vanderloos (c) finished second, just behind Western. The Men’s 4+ with Andrews, Koroll, McDonald, and Long finished third, just ahead of Guelph. In the Men’s 2X, Oskars Rugelis and Ben Friesen finished strong, coming in fifth of 14 boats. Rugelis also finished eighth in the Men’s 1X. 

The Lightweight Men had a very successful weekend, bringing home gold in the 8+ with Jacob Giesbrecht (s), Zach Whiteley, Owen Voelkner, Jacob Martens, Cameron Walsh, Thomas Markewich, Noah Van Helvert, Dylan Vanderloos and Raymond Wong (c), ahead of Western and Carelton. Giesbrecht (s), Whiteley, Voelkner, Martens and Wong also brought home gold in the Lightweight Men’s 4+, again beating Western and Carelton. The Lightweight Men’s 2X of Keith Kevin (s) and Olen Noel finished seventh, beating 3 boats. Markewich had a very strong race, finishing second in the 1X, beating 12 boats.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 11.23.04 AM

Lightweight Men in the 8+

The JV teams also showed strong finishes, coming second in the Women’s 4+ with Melanie Lachnit, Olivia Reynolds, Rhiannon Zahorchak, Casey Botbyl and Charlotte Reschke (c). The Women’s 8+ came fourth with Hannah Anderson (s), Hannah Wade, Olivia Lammers, Rachel Moran, Grace Janzen, Abbigail Verge, Isabell Matijow, Muskoka Sclater and Madison Grano (c). The Men’s 8+ finished third with Justin Aubin (s), Vanderloos, Walsh, Josh Lenson, Lukas Stys, Ivan Cunko, Tony DiDomenico, Ken Nguyen and Luc Arbour (c). The Men’s 2X finished fifth with Dalton Stephenson-Delaney and Cameron Hickman.

Next up is Brock Invite on October 6th 2018.

Badger’s Kick off the Season at Guelph Invite

The Badgers had an exciting and successful day of racing at the Guelph Invitational Regatta this weekend.


Guelph Lake Conservation Area, Guelph

The Women’s team had a very successful day, beginning with Anna Maloney finishing first in the 1X. Later, the Women’s 4+, took home gold with Anna Maloney (s), Kayla Krasnor, Jenna Osborne, Isabella Mazzarolo and Sophia Buzzell (c). Perhaps the most exciting race, the Women’s 8+ fought head to head with Western to take home gold with Maloney (s), Krasnor, Alyssa Toffolo, Amanda Martin, Sabrina Tigwell, Mazzarolo, Juliana Goodfellow, Osborne and Buzzell (c). The Women’s 2X of Goodfellow and Tigwell secured a solid third place finish. Lastly, the JV Women’s 4+ with Sydney Wilkins (s), Rhiannon Zahorchak, Olivia Lammers, Melanie Lachnit and Madison Grano (c) finished first in the B final, coming in fifth overall and JV Women’s 8+ with Abbigail Verge, Lammers, Isabell Matwijow, Rachel Moran, Hannah Anderson, Hannah Wade, Grace Janzen, Casey Botbyl and Grano (c) finished seventh, just ahead of Guelph.


Goodfellow and Tigwell in the Open Women’s 2X


Next up, the Lightweight Women’s team put in some good work this weekend, finishing first in the B final for the Lightweight Women’s 8+ with Jen Beaudette (s), Andrea Jansen, Alicia Piazza, Madeline Hingston, Erin Corkery, Jordan Isnor, Bonnie Reynolds, Serena Weaver and Aurora Gordon (c), coming in fifth overall. The Lightweight Women’s 4+ of Olivia Bagshaw (s), Kailin Rourke, Muskoka Sclater, Serena Weaver and Hana Parkin (c) finished third behind Western (1) and Guelph (2). Substituting Weaver for Botbyl, the Lightweight 4+ also finished sixth in the Open Women’s category. Reynolds secured a second place finish in the Lightweight Women’s 1X coming in ahead of Western. Corkery and Hingston finished fourth in the Lightweight Women’s 2X. The Lightweight Women successfully finished off the regatta coming in second (Beaudette, Isnor) and third (Piazza, Jansen) in the 2-.

On the Men’s side, the Men’s 8+ finished second behind Western with Alex Roger (s), Brendan Long, Noah McDonald, Sam Stewart, Zach Koroll, Brandan Andrews, David Campbell, Erik Hohnstein and Tyler Vanderloos (c), coming in ahead of Toronto (3) and Guelph (4). The Men’s 4+ had a close race, coming in third behind Guelph and Western with Koroll (s), Long, Andrews, Hohnstein and Gordon (c). The Men’s 2- with Roger and Hohnstein secured a third place finish behind two Western boats. Oskars Rugelis and Ben Friesen also finished third in the 2X. Finally, Rugelis finished third in the 1X, finishing ahead of UOIT (Toronto). Lastly, the JV Men’s 2X with Dalton Stephenson-Delaney and Cameron Hickman finished fifth overall.

The Lightweight Men’s team had a successful weekend, finishing second in the 8+ with Cameron Walsh (s), Zach Whiteley, Dylan Vanderloos, Noah Van Helvert, Josh Lenson, Ivan Cunko, Justin Csikos, Lukas Styś and Raymond Wong (c), coming in ahead of McMaster. The Lightweight Men’s 4+ finished second (Walsh (s), Whiteley, Vanderloos, Van Helvert and Wong (c)) and third (Lenson (s), Cunko, Csikos, Styś and Luc Arbour (c)). First-year athletes Ken Nguyen and Tony DiDomineco finished fourth in the 2X.

Up next, the team will be competing at the Head of the Trent in Peterborough, Ontario on September 29, 2018.

29 Badgers Receive Athletic Excellence

At the beginning of the 2018 season, 29 rowers received the Athletic Excellence Scholarship. This scholarship combines academic and athletic performance.

This year the list of student-athletes included 3 first-year student-athletes and 6 student-athletes have come from the Novice teams from Fall 2014, 2015, and 2016.

First-year student-athletes include Kevin Keith, Anna Maloney, and Jacob Martens.

Kayla Krasnor, Brendan Long, Brendan Llew-Williams, Marina Rose, Hannah Wade and Serena Weaver come from past Novice Teams

Congratulations to the 29 student-athletes!



L-R: Erik Hohnstein, Andrea Jansen, Kevin Keith, Zach Koroll, Kayla Krasnor, Brendan Long, Brendan Llew-Williams, Ryan Malcowski, Anna Maloney


L-R: Taylor Ashwood, Katie Ayres, Olivia Bagshaw, Mackenzie Berkhout, Eric Buchanan, Erin Corkery, Laura Court, Matthew Finley, Aurora Gordon











L-R: Serena Weaver, Zach White


L-R: Jacob Martens, Jenna Osborne, Alicia Piazza, Ian Pierce, James Potts, Alex Roger, Marina Rose, Owen Voelkner, Hannah Wade


Men Claim 4th, Women Claim 5th After CURCs Day 2

After a successful Day 2 at CURCs, the Men’s team claimed 4th overall and the Women’s team claimed 5th. Here are the full results:

Starting off the men’s side, Matthew Finley put on an amazing finish to pull ahead and place 2nd in the Heavyweight Men’s 1x, just 3 seconds behind Trent and 1 second ahead of Queens. In the Lightweight Men’s 1x, Eric Buchanan put down a solid performance and moved up 5 places to finish 1st in the PF.



Buchanan coming to the line



Finley inching out in the last 250m

Next up, the Heavyweight Men’s 8+ of Jacob Martens (b), Ian Pierce, Alex Roger, Ryan Malcowski, Zach Koroll, Taylor Ashwood, Nick Heffernan, Matthew Finley (s), and Mackenzie Boyes (c) finished in 3rd after a big battle between UBC and UVic through the 1000m. They also took down their rivals from Western by 5 seconds.


HM8+ moving through Western in the bottom 250m

The Lightweight Men’s 2x of Taylor Ashwood (b) and Owen Voelkner (s) placed 5th overall in the Final. Finley (b) and Heffernan (s) placed 6th after a tough race in the Heavyweight Men’s 2-. In the last Men’s event of the day, Zach Whiteley (b), Martens, Ashwood, Voelkner (s), and Aurora Gordon (c) placed 4th in the Final.


Ashwood and Voelkner coming through the line


LM4+ heading down to the dock pre-race







Moving to the Women’s side, Katie Ayres (b) and Sarah-Jane Mambella (s) placed 2nd in the PF after closing the gap between Brock and the Dinos. The Heavyweight Women’s 2- of Anna Maloney (b) and Amanda Martin (s) had an amazing race placing 5th after taking down their rival, Queens, for the first time this season.


HW2- with more open water on Queens in the bottom 250m


LW2x gaining on the Dinos in the bottom 250m







The Lightweight Women’s 4+ of Ayres (b), Alicia Piazza, Andrea Jansen, Erin Corkery (s) and Laura Court (c) placed 6th overall after a tough race through the bottom 750m. In the Heavyweight Women’s 1x, Isabella Mazzarolo placed 4th in the PF, moving up one place from the Time Trial. Piazza then took to the Lightweight Women’s 1x placing 6th in the PF.


LW4+ in the bottom 250m


HW1x moving through in the bottom 250m








Piazza pushing through the bottom 250m



Ending CURCs was the Heavyweight Women’s 8+ of Jansen (b), Jenna Osborne, Kayla Krasnor, Corkery, Mazzarolo, Maloney, Martin, Brianna Spanics (s), and Court (c). After an exciting race, the crew placed 4th, moving up a placing since the Time Trials and holds the highest placing the Women’s 8+ has had in the past 3 years.


HW8+ coming to the line

CURCs marks the end of the 2017 Fall Season.


Badgers at Day 1 of CURCs

Badgers had a solid day of racing today at CURCs in Burnaby, BC. Here are results from the first day of racing through Time Trials:
M1x: Matthew Finley, 4th going into the Final with just 2 seconds separating 2nd, 3rd, and 4th
LW2x: Katie Ayres and Sarah-Jane Mambella placed 8th overall and will be looking to dominate in the PF tomorrow morning
LM1x: Eric Buchanan placed 12th overall with extremely close times to get into the Final. He’ll also be looking to dominate in the PF tomorrow
W2-: Anna Maloney and Amanda Martin placed 5th overall with only 2 seconds separating them from 3rd
M8+: Jacob Martens, Ian Pierce, Alex Roger, Ryan Malcowski, Zach Koroll, Taylor Ashwood, Nick Heffernan, Matthew Finley, and Mackenzie Boyes placed 3rd overall and will be heading to the Final tomorrow
LW4+: Katie Ayres, Alicia Piazza, Andrea Jansen, Erin Corkery, and Laura Court placed 5th overall and will be heading to the Final tomorrow
W1x: Isabella Mazzarolo placed 11th overall and will be looking for a solid finish in the PF tomorrow
LM2x: Taylor Ashwood and Owen Voelkner placed 4th overall with 5 seconds separating them from 3rd place
M2-: Nick Heffernan and Matthew Finley placed 5th overall and will be looking to move up in the side-by-side racing tomorrow
LW1x: Alicia Piazza placed 12th overall and will be going for another solid race in the PF tomorrow
LM4+: Zach Whiteley, Jacob Martens, Taylor Ashwood, Owen Voelkner, and Aurora Gordon placed 3rd overall with just 3 seconds separating 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
W8+: Andrea Jansen, Jenna Osborne, Kayla Krasnor, Erin Corkery, Isabella Mazzarolo, Anna Maloney, Amanda Martin, Brianna Spanics, and Laura Court placed 5th overall

Brock Christens Five New Boats

On Saturday, October 28th following the OUA Championships medal ceremony, Brock hosted an Alumni BBQ  as well as a Boat Christening. This year, Brock christened five new boats, one pair-double, and four singles.

The Heavyweight Pair-Double was named after Clint Page. Page was a long-time volunteer with over 60 years of service to rowing. In the 70’s and 80’s, Page raised over a million dollars for rowing. Some of that money went directly towards paying for course infrastructure we still use today. For years, Page also volunteered at regattas, mostly in the Clerk of the Course booth. He was a fixture at all the regattas. Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 8.41.29 PM

Page is now 93, during WWII he was a member of the Merchant Marine, sailing on unarmed ships across the Atlantic. He helped supply the war effort in Europe. The Brock Rowing Community thanks him for all the support and effort he has given to rowing, especially at Henley Island. Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 8.41.41 PM

The four singles were named after past and present Brock rowers who had represented Canada at a World Championship.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 8.42.56 PMThe first single was named after alumnus Keegan Drummond. He was on the Brock Men’s team that won the Ontario University Championships in 2010 and 2012, as well as the Canadian University Championships in 2012. On top of that, Drummond represented Canada at the 2012 U23 World Championships in Trakai, Lithuania, placing 9th in the Men’s 4-.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 8.43.45 PM


The second single was named after current team member, Matthew Finley. He was part of the Men’s team that won the Ontario University Championships in 2014 and 2017. Finley represented Canada three times (2014, 2015, and 2016) at the U23 World Championships in the Men’s 4x. His best finish was in 2015 where he won the 4x in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 8.43.14 PMThe third single was named after current team member, Taylor Ashwood. He was also part of the Men’s team that won the Ontario University Championships in 2014 and 2017. Ashwood represented Canada at the 2016 U23 Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He placed 8th overall in the Lightweight Men’s 2-.

The fourth single was named after current team member, Laura Court. She is Co-President of the Rowing Executive Committee. Court represented Canada at the 2017 U23 Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She was the coxswain in the Women’s 8+ that won gold.Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 8.44.10 PM


Brock Women 2nd, Men Take Home the 2017 OUA Banner

Both the men’s and the women’s team had an exciting and successful weekend at OUA’s. Here’s a recap of racing results from both sides.

On the Heavyweight Women’s side, racing began with an extremely tight finish from the Heavyweight Women’s 2- of Anna Maloney (b) and Amanda Martin (s). They finished just 1 second behind Queens in 1st with Western only coming 2nd by .20 seconds. Maloney and Martin secured a solid 3rd place and were an exciting start to the day. Just an hour later, Maloney (b) and Martin (s) raced the Heavyweight Women’s 2x coming 4th in another tight race. The Heavyweight Women’s 4+ of Isabella Mazzarolo (b), Jenna Osborne, Kayla Krasnor, Brianna Spanics (s), and Kailin Rourke (c) placed 4th by a second to Toronto, Trent, and Western.

First-year Isabell Matwijow placed 6th in the Heavyweight Women’s 1x event, coming up from JV just 2 weeks ago. Julianna Goodfellow (b), Olivia Reynolds, Matwijow, Daria Martie, Mazzarolo, Osborne, Krasnor, Spanics (s), and Rourke (c) placed 4th in the Heavyweight Women’s 8+.

Next up, the Lightweight Women’s 8+ of Serena Weaver (b), Olivia Jose, Nicole Samuelson, Marina Rose, Olivia Bagshaw, Alicia Piazza, Andrea Jansen, Sarah-Jane Mambella (s), and Laura Court (c) placed 2nd to Western. Katie Ayres (b), Piazza, Jansen, Erin Corkery (s), and Court (c) placed 2nd in the Lightweight Women’s 4+ final after a long fight to the 1500m.  To cap off the Lightweight Women’s events, Ayres (b) and Corkery (s) took the LW 2- to a 4th place finish.

The women’s team placed 2nd overall for the 2017 Banner, making this the first time in a long time the women have placed this high.

The men had an extremely successful regatta this year. Starting off with the Heavyweight Men’s 2- of Ian Pierce (b), and Zach Koroll (s) placing 3rd. Next, Brendan Long (b) and Erik Hohnstein (s) placed 5th in the HM 2x. The Heavyweight Men’s 4+ of Ryan Malcowski (b), Nick Heffernan, Alex Roger, Matthew Finley (s), and Mackenzie Boyes (c) took the win over Western and Guelph.

The Heavyweight Men’s 8+ of Noah MacDonald (b), Malcowski, Roger, Hohnstein, Koroll, Pierce, Heffernan, Finley (s), and Boyes (c) came 2nd to Western with just 2 seconds separating the top two finishers.

Kevin Keith started off the success on the Lightweight Men’s side with a 6th place finish the LM 1x as a first-year. The Lightweight Men’s 8+ continued with their 1st place finish from Brock Invite this past weekend with Dylan Vanderloos (b), James Potts, Eric Buchanan, Noah Van Helvert, Zach Whiteley, Jacob Martens, Taylor Ashwood, Owen Voelkner (s), and Aurora Gordon (c). Keith (b) and Brandan Andrews (s) placed 5th in the Lightweight Men’s 2x. Whitely (b), Mackenzie Berkhout, Ashwood, Voelkner (s), and Gordon (c) took the win again in the Lightweight Men’s 4+ over Western and Trent.

The day ended with the Lightweight Men’s 2-. This event would determine the 2017 Banner winner. Andrews (b) and Potts (s) had a phenomenal race to secure first place and to secure the 2017 Men’s OUA Banner.

Also on the men’s side, the JV 4+ of William Holt (b), Malcolm Cavanagh, Brendan Llew-Williams, Zach Neufeld (s), and Luke Arbour (c) placed 2nd. This crew shows lots of potential moving onto the Varsity team.

11 men, 11 women, and 3 coxies will be travelling on Thursday to Burnaby, BC to compete at the 2017 CURCs. We’ll be keeping you in the loop with our travels and results.

Thank you for all the support we have received to get to this point. It has been amazing!

OUA Finals Draw

Both teams had a great day of racing today, where 18 out of 20 crews made it on to the A-Finals. Tomorrow the men’s and women’s teams will be looking to go after their banners. Take a look at the Final Draw below and come out to support! Alumni BBQ begins right after racing, make sure you are up at the Alumni Clubhouse!

Saturday, October 28th:

8:00am – Heavyweight Women’s 2-, Final, Lane 4

8:15am – Heavyweight Men’s 2-, Final, Lane 6

8:30am – Lightweight Women’s 1x, Final, Lane 8

8:45am – Lightweight Men’s 1x, Final, Lane 2

9:00am – Heavyweight Women’s 2x, Final, Lane 4

9:15am – Heavyweight Men’s 2x, Final, Lane 7

9:30am – Lightweight Women’s 8+, Final, Lane 4

9:45am – Lightweight Men’s 8+, Final, Lane 5

10:00am – Heavyweight Women’s 4+, Final, Lane 6

10:15am – Heavyweight Men’s 4+, Final, Lane 5

10:35am – Lightweight Women’s 2x, PF, Lane 6

10:45am – Lightweight Men’s 2x, Final, Lane 3

11:00am – Heavyweight Women’s 1x, Final, Lane 2

11:20am – Heavyweight Men’s 1x, PF, Lane 6

11:30am – Lightweight Women’s 4+, Final, Lane 4

11:45am – Lightweight Men’s 4+, Final, Lane 5

12:00pm – Heavyweight Women’s 8+, Final, Lane 3

12:15pm – Heavyweight Men’s 8+, Final, Lane 4

12:30pm – Lightweight Women’s 2-, Final, Lane 6

12:45pm – Lightweight Men’s 2-, Final, Lane 5

Brock to Host One of Five New National Rowing Hubs

Brock University is among five Canadian host sites selected for new Rowing Canada hubs aimed at identifying and training up-and-coming national-calibre rowers.

Rowing Canada announced Thursday, Oct. 26 that Brock University, the University of British Columbia, University of VIctoria, Western University and Trent University have been selected to host the Rowing Canada NextGen Hubs.

Brock Sports Director Neil Lumsden called it a big win for the Badgers rowing program.

“This reflects on the high level of coaching within our program along with our approach to developing our student athletes,” Lumsden said. “It’s a reflection of our rowing program, and Brock Sports as a department.”

Brock head rowing coach Peter Somerwil said it’s also a reflection of the team’s history of producing talented athletes.

“It’s a recognition of Brock rowing’s excellent track record of promoting athletes to the national team level through good coaching, equipment and winter training facilities,” said Somerwil, who pointed out that nearly a quarter of the athletes representing Canada at the 2015 U23 World Championships and FISU Games were Brock athletes.

The NextGen Hubs will provide all-encompassing high-performance services to identify NextGen rowers. Rowing Canada said the Hubs will provide optimal coach-to-athlete ratios, extensive performance planning and enhanced technical coaching capacity. Sport science and sport medicine support will also be embedded within these daily training environments.

The connection between these NextGen Hubs and their local clubs was an integral component in the overall selection process.

“I’m truly excited about the engagement of the rowing community in the process,” said Adam Parfitt, RCA Director, Coach and Athlete Pathways. “They care about Canada’s performance and by putting their hands up, they want to share in the responsibility and process of finding and training our net Olympians.”

The NextGen Hubs are part of a wider strategy that both replaces and builds on the learning and work done in the Row to Podium programs. Establishing these partnerships is a significant step forward in the overall Rowing Canada NextGen Athlete Strategy. This strategy focuses on enhanced programming at a targeted stage in the athlete development pathway. Talent identification programming will be conducted within the NextGen program through partnerships with provincial sport organizations, clubs, schools and institutions.

Mike Purcer, Technical Specialist for Brock’s rowing program, said Niagara has one of the largest concentrations of rowing clubs in the country, which will benefit with events such as monthly training camps.

“As a Rowing Canada Hub Training Centre, high-performance coaches and athletes will have an opportunity to connect to a national team pathway,” Purcer said. “Top club, university and high school athletes will become familiar with the training, technique and learning required to achieve the next level.”

NextGen Hubs were evaluated and selected based on an objective criteria and extensive application process. These environments currently have existing targeted Olympic and Paralympic athletes, embedded coaching support, access to elite training facilities and Sport Science and Sport Medicine programming.

Rowing Canada and NextGen Hubs will be forming one management committee to co-ordinate the overall development and strategic direction of the Hub programming. One of the first tasks will be to assist in the hiring of the Hub coaches.

“The additional coaching expertise that will be part of being a NextGen Hub will help athletes with more personal, one-on-one coaching,” Somerwil said. “It will help athletes and the program keep abreast of the evolving best practices in physiological testing, training methods and procedures for trying out for the national team.”

Lumsden said being named as one of the hubs will help with Brock’s recruiting efforts.

“We become more attractive to student-athlete rowers who want to compete at a high level and advance their careers beyond varsity rowing to potentially represent their country,” he said.

26 October 2017

Brock University – Communications & Public Affairs