Badgers Off To A Good Start On The 2017/2018 Fall Season

After an incredible Summer season, all Badgers were ready to hit the ground running at the Brock Selection Camp. Starting on August 28th First Year student-athletes were welcomed into the program, having had a great Summer season as well.



Selection Camp included a series of testing to set the tone for the 2017/2018 season, including rounds of seat racing at South Niagara Rowing Club.





Highlights of Selection Camp included seat racing, RADAR testing, Brock’s annual Iron Badger Singles Regatta, and a team bonding dodgeball tournament.


A total of 45 singles participated in the Iron Badger Regatta, with all 45 on the water at once. Big thank-yous go to St.Catharines Rowing Club and Ridley Graduate Boat Club for lending the Badgers extra singles for the racing.


Post-Selection Camp, Badgers are ready to take on the upcoming season with solid results in the first week of training together again.


First day in the Lightweight Women’s 8+


Coach Peter Somerwil



Lightweight Men’s 8+ back in action


Women’s 2- practicing in Welland




  Heavyweight Men out for a practice in 4+ 



Lightweight Women prepping for seat racing in Welland



Strong Finishes for Badgers at Canadian Henley

Badgers rowers had a strong showing at Canadian Henley this past weekend. Competing for their home clubs, current athletes competed at the U23, Senior, and Champ level.

On the men’s side Zach Koroll and Nick Heffernan placed 6th in the final of the U23 Men’s Double. Koroll and Heffernan, along with Alex Roger placed 2nd in the U23 Men’s Quad. Roger, Ryan Malcowski, and Ian Pierce, accompanied by alumnus Jacob Thomas, placed 5th in the Senior Men’s Straight Four.

After coming off a successful Canada Summer Games, Luke Gadsdon claimed 2nd in the U23 Men’s Pair as well as in the Men’s Champ Eight.

Matthew Finley had a successful regatta placing 2nd Senior Men’s Single and winning gold in the Men’s Single Dash. He also helped lead Leander Boat Club in winning the Men’s Champ Eight, along with Lightweight Taylor Ashwood. heavysingle


Ashwood also had a successful regatta coming 3rd in the U23 Lightweight Men’s Double, as well as placing 4th in the Senior Lightweight Men’s Quad with fellow Badgers Brandan Andrews, Eric Buchanan and Coach Tom Kent. Zach Whiteley, Owen Voelkner, Mack Berkhout, Noah Van Helvert and Coach Tom Kent placed 3rd in the U23 Lightweight Men’s Straight Four. The Lightweight Men grew more successful in the Senior Lightweight Eight and the Lightweight Eight Dash, winning gold in both events. Both boats consisted of Berkhout, Whiteley, Ashwood, Eric Buchanan, Voelkner, Van Helvert, Andrews, Aurora Gordon, and Coaches Tom Kent and Scott Anderson.


On the women’s side Olivia Bagshaw, Alicia Piazza, Sarah-Jane Mambella, Andrea Jansen, Erin Corkery, and incoming recruit Olivia Jose claimed 2nd in the U23 Lightweight Women’s Eight. The same Lightweight Eight,  with the addition of Marina Rose and alumna Jen Beaudette placed 3rd in the Senior Lightweight Eight and then won gold in the Lightweight Women’s Eight Dash. 


The Senior Lightweight Women’s Straight Four of Jansen, Mambella, Piazza, and Beaudette went on to claim 3rd place. Jansen, Mambella, and Piazza, along with Corkery and Coach Swede Burak placed 5th in the Lightweight Women’s Straight Four.

Serena Weaver, rowing for Ottawa, placed 2nd in the Senior Lightweight Women’s Eight.

The Senior Women’s Straight Four of Alyssa Toffolo, Amanda Martin, alumnae Cayley Firth and Stephanie Mowder, and Coach Kathy Boyes placed 4th.


In the Women’s Champ Eight, coxswain Laura Court placed 2nd with Calgary Rowing Club.


Incoming Brock rowers also had a very successful regatta.  On the women’s side, Anna Maloney won gold in the U19 Women’s Double as well as in the U19 Women’s Quad. womdoub

On the men’s side, Malcolm Cavanagh claimed gold with his crew in the Senior Men’s 64kg Coxed Four.

In the Senior Lightweight Men’s Eight, Kevin Keith placed 4th with South Niagara Rowing Club.

Jacob Martens won gold in the U19 Men’s Eight and finished 4th in the U19 Men’s Quad.

Congratulations to all current and incoming Brock rowers on a successful finish to the summer season.

Great Canadian Medal Haul for Brock Rowers at Canada Summer Games

Brock rowers won 8 medals at the 2017 Canada Summer Games on Thursday and Friday. The regatta was held in Kenora on Rabbit Lake. Brock men and women helped Ontario dominate the men’s events.

Luke Gadsdon (Hamilton) led the way with two gold medals, winning the Men’s Pair and the Men’s Eight. Right behind him was Owen Volkner (St.Catharines) winning gold in the Lightweight Men’s Four and then racing as a heavyweight, placing second for a silver in the Men’s Heavy Four. Erik Hohnstein (Edmonton) also won two medals, placing third in the Men’s Eight and third in the Men’s Quad with Alberta.

On the women’s side, incoming recruit Anna Maloney (Niagara Falls) won gold in the Women’s Quad, and came fourth in the Women’s Double. Amanda Martin (Orono) came third claiming bronze in the Women’s Eight and the Women’s Four. Alicia Piazza (St.Catharines) came fourth in the Lightweight Women’s Double. The women’s efforts helped Ontario place second overall in the Women’s points standings.

Coaching the Ontario Men’s team to a solid first place finish over all were Brock coaches Andrea Miller (Hamilton) and Swede Burak (Welland).

Next week, watch most of the Brock rowers compete at the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta for their home clubs where they have trained for the Summer.


Luke Gadsdon receiving his gold in the Men’s Pair


Owen Volkner, Swede Burak, Andrea Miller with the Lightweight Men’s Four


Owen Volkner and the Lightweight Men’s Four


Luke Gadsdon and Erik Hohnstein


Amanda Martin receiving her Bronze Medal in the Women’s Eight


Alicia Piazza in the Lightweight Women’s Double


Brock Rowers represent Ontario and Alberta at Canada Summer Games

The 2017 Canada Summer Games will begin in Winnipeg July 28th with the opening ceremonies, but rowing will actually take place in Kenora Ontario on Rabbit Lake, July 31st to August 4th. The final preparation for the entire Ontario team will be in Sudbury from July 23-27th.

Brock is well represented on the Ontario team with four current athletes and one recruit on the team. In the lightweight women’s category, Alicia Piazza (St. Catharines); open women’s category, Amanda Martin (Orono), and 2017 recruit Anna Maloney (Niagara Falls); lightweight men’s category Owen Voelkner (St. Catharines); open men’s category Luke Gadsdon (Hamilton).

The coaching staff for the Ontario men’s team is an all Brock coaching staff led by Andrea Miller (Ancaster) assisted by Swede Burak (Welland) and Peter Somerwil. The men’s team was also hosted by Brock for their two month training camp.

Erik Hohnstein (Edmonton AB) has been in Calgary Alberta training with the Alberta Team and will likely face off against his team mate Luke in the mens’ eight.

Laura Court Represent Canada at World Championships

Laura Court (St. Catharines) has been selected to the Canadian national team as the coxswain for the women’s eight. Laura is in Plovdiv Bulgaria for final preparations for the U23 World Championships July 20-23.

As there is only one coxswain position on the team Laura’s hard work over the winter and spring attending camps, learning from former national team coxswains, made the difference in making the team. This is the first coxswain from Brock in many years but others from Brock have included Joel Finlay, Brock’s first Olympian, and Terry Paul another Olympian and current coach for Rowing Canada. Laura will return to cox the lightweight women’s crew at Brock.


Badger recruits win 10 medals at Canadian High School Championships

Brock recruits had a very strong showing this past weekend at the Canadian Secondary Schools Rowing Championships on the home water of Martindale Pond. With a combined total of 10 medals, the future Brock rowers received 4 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze with 3 of the rowers winning two medals.

Incoming rowers Anna Maloney and Olivia Reynolds of St. Michael, brought home gold in the Women’s 4x; Anna also won the Women’s 2x later in the day. Kevin Keith of E.L. Crossley is another two-time medalist this year with winning the Men’s 66kg 4+ and placing third in the Men’s 72kg 2x. Keith’s teammate, Noah Macdonald, is the third recruit who earned two medals which included a gold in the Men’s 4x and a bronze in the Men’s 4+.

Isabel Matwijow along with coxie Megan Favero of Denis Morris found success in the Women’s 63kg 4+ with a second place finish. Malcolm Cavanaugh is another incoming rower who stepped on the podium along side the Sir Winston Churchill Men’s 72kg 8+ who received a silver medal. Another recruit picking up a silver medal was Jacob Martens who crossed the line just 2 seconds before future teammate Kevin Keith in the 72kg 2x race.

Overall, both the open and lightweight programs on the men’s and women’s side of Brock’s rowing program will be receiving at least one athlete who medaled this past weekend on Henley Island. We would like to congratulate all the rowers who took part in this years CSSRA regatta and look forward to the new high level of talent that will brought to our program this fall.

Brock Women finish 4th, Men finish 5th at Canadian University Rowing Championships

With near perfect conditions at the Welland International Flatware Centre, the Badger Women finished fourth (60 points) while the Men finished fifth (78 points) at the Canadian University Rowing Championships, while University of British Columbia claimed the Men’s Championship with Western winning on the Women’s side. Brock finished the day with a total of four bronze medals, while UBC claimed both the Men’s and Women’s Championship. The field of athletes was incredibly strong this year, with many senior national team members and 2016 Olympians now rowing for their university.

Finishing third overall and winning bronze was the Lightweight Men’s 2x of Taylor Ashwood and Owen Voelkner, the Lightweight Women’s 2x of Ally Whitty and Kayla Krasnor, Matt Finley in the Heavyweight Men’s 1x, and Ashwood again in the Lightweight Men’s 1x.

Rounding out the A finalists was the Lightweight Men’s and Women’s 4+ and the Lightweight Women’s 1x in fourth place, the Men’s 2- in 5th, and the Women’s 8+ 6th overall.

This regatta concludes the fall season for Brock; the next time athletes will be in action is at the Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships in February.

Thank you to those who followed along and provided support throughout the past two months!

Full results can be found at the CURA Facebook page.


WELLAND, ON – All the Brock crews had an excellent day of racing with great conditions on the Welland course, a second home for the Badgers. Today’s Time Trials determined who will move on to the A-Finals tomorrow.

In total, the Badgers made 10 A-finals. On the Men’s side, Brock made A-finals in all events, including the Lightweight 2x, Lightweight 1x, Lightweight 4+, Heavyweight 2-, Heavyweight 1x, and the Heavyweight 8+. On the women’s side the Lightweight 1x, Lightweight 2x, Lightweight 4+, and the Heavyweight 8+ moved on to their A-Finals. The Heavyweight women’s 2- moved on to the B-Final, and the Heavyweight women’s 1x moved on to the C-Final.

With a very strong day of racing today and the extra hour of sleep tonight the team is set to have another solid day of racing tomorrow. Below are the results from today’s Time Trials. Keep up-to-date with all the results by checking @badgersrowing on Twitter and our Brock Rowing Facebook page. Stay tuned for the Final Draw!

Brock christens five new boats, recognizes Olympians

On Saturday afternoon, Brock christened five new boats and celebrated the achievements of 15 Olympians who have rowed for the program.  Four new pair/doubles were christened, as well as a coxed four. In keeping with tradition, every boat was named after a supporter of the program.

The coxed four is named after Rob Jennings, a ‘Silver Badger’ who was part of the universities first crew in 1964. Jennings went on to a very successful career in investment and finance, while also sitting on various organizations’ board of directors. The new pair/doubles are named after Bob Crawford, Stan Lapinski, Sue Erskine, and Chuck Smith. Crawford and Lapinski are also both ‘Silver Badgers’, and remain involved in the St. Catharines rowing community; Crawford remains part of the ‘Cat Crew’ which does maintenance and regatta set-up for the Henley Island course, while Lapinski has written books on both the history of Brock Athletics and St. Catharines Rowing Club. Erskine has been involved with many organizations in St. Catharines, including the CSSRA regatta, the Canadian Henley Rowing Corporation, and the YMCA and YWCA. The last boat christened is after the late Chuck Smith, founder of the Wise Guys Charity Fund. The organization has raised over $2 million for projects in the Niagara region, and recently purchased two new pair/doubles for the team. In addition to the christening of new boats, names of volunteer coaches were added to the Men’s Heavyweight 8+.

In addition to the christenings, Brock also recognized 15 former rowers who have competed at the Olympics. Included in the 15 athletes are Tim Schrijver and Eric Woelfl, who both competed for Canada in Rio de Janeiro this summer. The ceremony included the unveiling of a display that recognizes former Olympians, and serves to inspire current and future athletes to push to the highest level of athletics. The display will be kept in the Leo LeBlanc Rowing Centre.


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Brock Men finish second at OUA’s; Women place third

Battling tricky wind conditions, the Brock Men’s Rowing team finished second overall at OUA’s, with the women finishing third. The Western Mustangs claimed both Men’s and Women’s Championships. In addition to the varsity finals taking place, both the Junior Varsity and Novice seasons came to a conclusion.

Winning OUA gold for the Badgers was the Lightweight Men’s 1x, the Heavyweight Men’s 1x, and the Heavyweight 8+. In the Lightweight Men’s 1x 4th year Taylor Ashwood won convincingly, finishing close to five seconds over second place Trent University. Matt Finley also won his 1x event, beating out McMaster University by four seconds. The third gold medal of the day came from the Heavyweight Men’s 8+ of Mackenzie Boyes, Jacob Thomas, Ian Pierce, Luke Gadsdon, Finley, Nick Heffernan, Alex Roger, Zak Lewis, and Ryan Malcowski battled it out with Western the entire two-kilometres, beating them by 3.48 seconds. In addition, the Women’s Junior Varsity 2x of Sara Jansen and Nikki Johnstone claimed gold.

Winning silver for Brock on the Women’s team was Ally Whitty and Jen Beaudette in the Lightweight Double and Pair, while Lauren Kniewasser, Brianna Hamilton, Alyssa Toffolo, Isabella Mazzarolo, and Aly Knott placed second in the Women’s Four. As well, the Women’s Junior Varsity 4+ of Madison Plaice, Micaela Grant, Theresa Kleisath, Jenna Osborne, and Alex Catherwood claimed silver.On the Men’s team, the Heavyweight 2x of Thomas and Roger, Lightweight 2x of Ashwood and Owen Voelkner.

Finishing third overall on the Women’s team was the Heavyweight 2- Carly Moir and Jessica Novecosky, and the Women’s Lightweight 8+ of Laura Court, Erin Corkery, Katie Ayres, Olivia Bagshaw, Kayla Krasnor, SJ Mambella, Andrea Jansen, Alicia Piazza, and Marina Rose, and the Novice Women’s 4+ of Kristen Nagel, Julianna Goodfellow, Serena Weaver, Teija Humalamaki, and Kayla Grant. For the Men, the Lightweight 4+ of Aurora Gordon, Eric Buchanen, Dylan Vanderloos, Noah Van Helvert, and Mack Berkhout, and the Heavyweight Men’s 4+ of Erik Hohnstein, Lewis, Heffernan, Pierce, and Boyes all finished in third place.

Also receiving notable recognition today was fourth year Matt Finley, who took home OUA Male Rower of the Year honours.

The Badgers are back in action next weekend at the Canadian University Rowing Championships which take place in Welland.

Full results can be found at: