March Break Rowing Camp

Brock University presents an opportunity for Secondary School rowers to get an early start to the season. Any secondary school student with at least one season of on-water rowing experience (spring, summer or fall) is invited to sign-up for this high performance opportunity. The camp is scheduled from Monday March 10th to Friday March 14th 2014 8:30am to 4:00pm. Coaches are there from 7:30 to 4:30 to facilitate drop off and pick up.

The camp is planned to take place on-water at Martindale Pond from the Brock University Boathouse Henley Island unless the water is still iced over. If the water is iced over the camp will be land based at Brock University in the Leo LeBlanc rowing Centre and class rooms on campus.


Brendan and Ben two recent graduates celebrating a win at the Dad Vail Regatta. Both first started at Brock in one of our high school clinics.


How to REGISTER for the camp.

To register and pay for the March Break Camp visit:

Click on;  CAMPS & CLINICS tab

Click on;  Brock Rowing Camps

Limited to 20 participants for only $230/ participant.



In sport especially competitive sport, athletes and coaches tend to get tied up in winning and losing. It comes down to beating your rival and being the best you can be. But sometimes its not all about winning and losing its about being #ONETEAM and supporting each other in sport and in life. The rowing community across Canada especially in Ontario have been really learning about this over the past few weeks.

The Western Mustangs Rowing team received some tough news over the Christmas break, about one of their own team members. Natalie Connell a crucial member of the women’s team was diagnosed with non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. Connell is a huge part of the program always doing what she could to help advance rowing at Western. Her teammates knew they wanted to help so they created the campaign #ONETEAM. The team is selling white tank tops with a purple W on the front and #ONETEAM above the Canadian Cancer Society Logo on the back for $20. The proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society to help the fight.

The Campaign was originally only going to be a Western campus campaign, but as the rowing community across Canada and even a few NCAA schools heard about it they wanted to help and show their support by placing orders for shirts. The Brock Badgers rowing team being close friends of many of the Western team have stepped up and are supporting the campaign. They are doing what they can to help spread the word.

If you would like to learn more about the campaign and how you can support #ONETEAM Click on the link below, which will direct you to their Facebook page.

In sport we don’t just have to be rivals and competitors we can be #ONETEAM and support each other.

Badgers Abroad

Mark AlmAs the Brock Badgers are deep into their winter training a few of their athletes will be studying and training abroad this semester. The skills and lessons they will learn abroad will help them as student athletes, but also as Brock Badgers rowers. One to note that is already making big gains and a large impact in New Zealand is Men’s Heavyweight rower Mark Alm. Mark is studying abroad for a full year at the University of Otago in Dunedin in New Zealand. Mark is training and racing with the Otago Rowing club there.

Mark competed on the weekend in the Canterbury Championships on Lake Ruataniwha. Mark and Jack O’Leary a fellow New Zealand Junior National Team member competed in the open double sculls and sorrowed through the heats with a fast time of 6:56.17. The pair moved on to the finals which where cancelled due to high winds. Mark also competed in the single sculls category and finished second in his heat with a time of 7:33.78.

Click Here to read the rest of the article from the Otago Daily Times

The Brock Badgers are proud of their athletes that are making big gains over seas and at home in their training programs. Continue to follow the badgers on twitter @badgersrowing and on Facebook at Brock Rowing to see updates on their athletes and training.

“If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat” ~Hershel Walker

2013 Brock Badgers Rowing Banquet

On Saturday night at the Alumni Club on Henley Island the Brock Badgers Rowing team celebrated their end of the season banquet. The occasion brought Badgers from both the Varsity and Novice teams together to celebrate their accomplishments over the year.

The night was filled with laughter and a fantastic meal catered by the Alumni Clubhouse staff. The evening was hosted by Mark Alm (Men’s Varsity Heavyweight Rower) and Tiffany Rusch (Women’s Varsity Lightweight rower).  The two kept the group laughing and entertained all night.

The evening was also set out to honor all of our volunteers and coaches that made it possible for our athletes to compete. There were also a few athlete awards also given out, which were the Male Oarsman for 2013 (Mark Alm – Men’s Varsity Heavyweight Rower) and Female Oarswoman for 2013 (Katherine Walker – Woman’s Varsity Lightweight Rower).  The team also gave out an award that recognizes the returning athlete on the team that had the highest overall grade average from the following year; this year’s recipient was Jen Beaudette (Women’s Varsity Lightweight Rower).

The Brock Badgers would like to thank all of their coaches, supporters and volunteers for helping them row to success year in and year out. The Badgers are looking forward to a great winter training season and will be building up its momentum for next season.

2013 Brock Badgers Rowing Slideshow

Thanks to Austin J. Cameron for the making of the slideshow and all of the amazing pictures over the season

RCA National Rowing Championships

As the sun fell upon the south course at the Welland Canal it called an end to another NRC’s. The weekend brought Canada’s best rowers from all across the country to Welland to battle out and show who is the best of the best. The high winds all weekend really gave the rowers an extra factor to deal with and to show who the real competitors where. The competition involved 8 provinces and 2 National Training Centers. There were three divisions athletes competed in from U19, U23 and Senior, with races in Heavyweight and Lightweight Men’s and Women’s 1x, Heavyweight and Lightweight Men’s 2- and Women’s Heavyweight 2-.

The Brock Badgers had a great showing with athletes competing in the Men’s Heavyweight 1x, Men’s Lightweight 1x, Men’s Heavyweight  2-, Men’s Ligtweight 2- and Women’s Lightweight 1x. With Medal and high place finishes in the

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA(Matt Finley, David de Groot, Grayson Gray & James Myers)

Men’s U23 Heavyweight 2- Silver (David de Groot, Matt Finley)
Men’s U23Lightweight 2- Silver (Grayson Gray and James Myers)
Men’s Senior Lightweight 2- Bronze (Grayson Gray and James Myers)
Men’s U23 Heavyweight 1x – Bronze (Tim Schrijver)
Women’s U23 Lightweight 1x – 4th place (Katherine Walker)

The Brock Badgers had an amazing weekend at the NRC’s really show that they have some world class talent that is part of their program. The NRC’s called an official end to the Badger racing season and an official start to winter training. Over the next few months the Badgers will work hard on the erg’s and in the tank perfecting their technique and building power for the upcoming spring season. Keep following the Badgers on this website and on Facebook at Brock Rowing and on Twitter @badgersrowing to get updates on their progress and gains over the winter season.

RCA National Rowing Championships


Even though the Brock Badgers racing season is over we still have a few Badgers racing this weekend in the RCA National Rowing Championships in Welland. The National Rowing Championships are comprised of the top rowers from all across Canada, having 10 provinces being represented this weekend. The races comprise of the Women’s 1x -JW1x, BW1x, W1x, Women’s 2- JW2-, BW2-, W2-, Women’s lightweight 1x -BLW1x, LW1x. On the Men’s side there is Men’s 1x – JM1x, BM1x, M1x, Men’s 2- JM2-, BM2-, M2-, Men’s Lightweight 1x – BLM1x, LM1x, Men’s Lightweight 2-, BLM2-, LM2-. Also on Sunday there will be a few events on the Para-Rowing side.

The Badgers have athletes competing almost in all of the categories and some strong hopefully s for high finishes. Friday will be the host of the time trials for the Men’s 1x and then Quarter Finals for all other categories having the top placers advancing to the A and B semifinals and all others to lower semifinals. Head down to the south course of the Welland Canal and cheer on your Badgers race to victory and future Badgers. Make sure to wear as much Badger clothing as possible as its is an amazing recruiting opportunity for the team.

Canadian University Rowing Championship – Day 3

Sunday at the Canadian University Rowing Championship was the day all the athletes have been waiting for since winter training last year. Sunday was Finals day, they day all the crews would show what they got and who was the top rowers in the University ranks and in Canada.

Men's lwt 2x(Photo Courtesy: Austin J. Cameron)
Silver Medalist Lightweight Men’s 2x: James Myers, Grayson Gray

Sunday started off with some very strong winds making the first race the Men’s 1x very hard to complete (some would say almost unrowable) with athletes from both the A/B Final flipping during the race. The weather started to calm down after the first few races and stayed at a very cold and windy day. The Brock Badgers had crews from the Men’s 1x, Lightweight Women’s 2x, Men’s 8+, Lightweight Women’s 4+, Lightweight Men’s 2x, Men’s 2-, Lightweight Women’s 1x and Lightweight Men’s 4+ all racing in the A final on Sunday. Brock also had the Lightweight Men’s 1x, Women’s 2- and Women’s 1x in the B final on Sunday.

Men's 8+(Photo Courtesy of UBC Rowing)Bronze Medalist Heavyweight Men’s 8+

Brock had a great day on the water placing:

Heavyweight Men’s 1x: 4th Place
Heavyweight Men’s 2-: 3rd Place
Heavyweight Men’s 8+: 3rd Place
Lightweight Men’s 1x: 11th Place
Lightweight Men’s 2x: 2nd Place
Lightweight Men’s 4+: 4th Place

Heavyweight Women’s 1x: 11th Place
Heavyweight Women’s 2-: 8th Place
Lightweight Women’s 1x: 2nd Place
Lightweight Women’s 2x: 5th Place
Lightweight Women’s 4+: 4th Place

Women's lwt 1x(Photo Courtesy of Austin J. Cameron)
Silver Medalist Women’s Lightweight 1x (Katherine Walker)

The Brock Men’s Team Placed 4th in the Overall Points standings behind 1) Western 2) UBC 3) UVIC 4) Brock. The Women’s Team Placed 7th overall. The Varsity Men’s and Women’s team has a fantastic year from the OUA’s to the CURC’s. Though the end results was not what was planned out for the Badgers, they have lots to be very excited about and that they still remain being one of the top University Rowing programs in the country. With all the upcoming and incoming talent the Badgers have they will be back on the top of the podium very soon.

Men's 2-(Photo Courtesy of Austin J. Cameron)
Bronze Medalist Heavyweight Men’s 2- (David de groot & Matt Finley)

We want to say good luck to all the Badger’s and other athletes that are competing in the National Rowing Championships this weekend in Welland. Keep checking this website and all the Badgers social media outlets from Facebook (Brock Rowing) and Twitter @badgersrowing over the next few months as you can follow us along our path to success through our winter training regiment.

Canadian University Rowing Championships – Day 2

As the moon rises above the sky of Montreal it calls an end to another day at the Canadian University Rowing Championships. Day 2 was a very important day as it was the first day of official racing for all crews, but also was a Time Trial that decided which crews would be in which final and what lane they would be racing in on Sunday.

The weather report said it would be nice with only 1mm of rain during the day, but it seemed more like 200mm of rain as it was a constant pour all day with breaks here and there. The rain brought on some cold weather and strong winds which made it tougher for the racers.

The Brock Badgers had a great day in both the Men and Women’s races. on the Men’s side Brock had the Lightweight 2x, Lightweight 4+, Heavyweight 1x, Heavyweight 2- and Men’s 8+ all Advance to the A Final in there races. They also had the Lightweight 1x advance to the B Final. On the Women’s side the Lightweight 1x, Lightweight 2x, Lightweight 4+ all advanced to the A Final in there races. They also had the Heavyweight 1x and Heavyweight 2- advance to the B final in there races.

All the Brock Badgers crews had a very strong day of racing and with the extra hour of sleep tonight and the strong focus they have had all day it should help set themselves up for a great day tomorrow. Below are the results from today’s Time Trials and the Draws for the Finals tomorrow. Keep checking this website and on Twitter @badgersrowing to get live results on the Finals tomorrow.

Canadian University Rowing Championship – Day 1

As the first day in Montreal comes to an end the Brock Badgers Rowers will be dreaming of going fast and victory in the coming days. The day started off early with the Badgers departing from Cornwall Ontario after a night pit stop on there travel to Montreal. They arrived at the course with lots of excitement and high spirits. They were met by very strong wind’s and rainy conditions as they got some good training lengths in. The Badgers spent the rest of the day strapping down flying boats and getting some good relaxing and team bonding in.

Day 2 will bring the Badgers first taste of the competition that is to be met this weekend in a Time Trial setting. All crews will race to set themselves up for the Finals on Sunday and to see what lane they will be racing in.  Click the link below to see the schedule and the crews racing.

As I sit here writing this article in my hotel room, the sound of silence that is heard in the halls brings a tingling feeling down my spine that really shows me that the Brock Badgers are here for business and are ready to defend there title from last year.

Keep checking this website for updates on the Badgers on there road to success and the McGill CURC website for results and information on the regatta.

Follow the Badgers on Twitter @badgersrowing and on Facebook at Brock Rowing. Help get #operationbrockdomination trending to support your badgers.

Men's 8 Day 1Brock Men’s 8+ Shove off for Day 1 at CURC’s